The BootyBridge is a portable glute training exercise machine, that was designed to perform the best glute & leg exercises in the comfort of your home

Tone your booty and more without leaving home with the BootyBridge! This easy-to-use glute trainer is perfect for anyone who wants to get fit from the comfort of their own living room.


Your Shape, Lift, & Size

BootyBridge Glute Trainer Hip Thrust Exercise in Action

Build and Shape your glutes in less time

Looking to tone your glutes and improve your overall fitness level? The BootyBridge is perfect for at-home workouts. This simple device can help you achieve amazing results.

BootyBridge Glute Trainer Single Leg Squat exercise in action

Designed for all fitness levels

BootyBridge is easy to use, so you'll be able to get a great workout even if you're not a fitness expert.

BootyBridge Glute Trainer in folded position

Portable, foldable, and easy to set up.

The BootyBridge is portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go and easily fold it to stow away at home.


Key BootyBridge Exercises

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